An enamel pin is a metal pin or badge worn on clothes. It may be attached to a tote, a piece of clothing or the lapel of a jacket. There are numerous totally different kinds of enamel pins and these might be styled in a number of ways.

Things it’s best to Know about Enamel Pins

Isn’t it fascinating to know how enamel is painted on pins? Enlisted under are some enjoyable info that you need to know about enamel pins. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we did.

Soft enamel pins

There are lots of different styles of enamel pins to decide on from. Soft enamel pins have a ridged finish and are less expensive. Due to this fact, they are considered a cheap option for those people who’ve a tight budget. These enamel pins can display more detailed and clearer images.

Hard enamel pins

This class of enamel pins is more durable and scratch resistant; nevertheless, they are a bit pricey. Their surface is flat and glossy. These pins have a hard wearing, smooth and a crisp finish.

Which one to make use of?

Selecting between the above categories of enamel pins depends completely upon the requirements and desires of the individual. For example, in case you want enamel pins for corporate promotion, trade shows or service programs, it is beneficial that you just go for hard enamel pins. This is because hard enamel process has a wow factor and these pins don’t look cheap. Whereas, if a person wants to buy enamel pins for less formal settings, then soft enamel pins can be used as they are not too expensive.

Uses of enamel pins

Enamel pins can be used for ornamental purposes. They can be used to show a person’s association with a cause or an organization. Enamel pins are sometimes used as a logo of achievement. For example, businesses use enamel pins for his or her worker recognition programs, where these pins are handed over to workers as a sign of their achievements and accomplishments. Organizations award enamel pins to their employees to increase worker engagement, productivity, and morale.

Enamel pins and their position in Employer branding

Custom lapel pins are used by corporations in their employer branding efforts. Corporations typically use enamel pins for trade shows, job fairs, networking occasions, conferences, and other corporate events. Thus, enamel pins are a preferred giveaway item because they assist to ascertain a company’s identity.

Production and design of enamel pins

The primary stage of designing the enamel pin entails molding the surface of the metal, so as to create a design. In the second stage, reducing molds are created. The subsequent stage involves attachment and plating. After the plating process is completed, the surface of the metal is polished until it is shiny and smooth. After plating and coloring, the impurities and the extra shade are removed from the surface of the metal. The next stage includes baking, where the metal piece is baked for approximately fifteen minutes at around 450F. The last stage involves epoxy coating where clear epoxy is put onto the metal’s surface to protect it from cracking and fading.