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Boris Johnson convenes new look Cabinet TODAY after brutal reshuffle

Boris Johnson convened the first meeting of his new look Cabinet in Number 10 this morning after a brutal reshuffle which saw Sajid Javid resign and the PM promote a wave of loyalists.  

Mr Johnson sat down with his updated top team from 10am as he set out the vision for his new administration and asked his senior ministers to approve the UK’s new immigration system which will replace EU freedom of movement. 

The meeting in Downing Street came after a day of high drama which left Westminster stunned as Mr Javid’s unexpected exit totally disrupted the PM’s plans for a smooth shake-up. 

Mr Javid chose to walk away from the government rather than accept a demand from Mr Johnson’s top aide Dominic Cummings to sack all of his aides and 우리카지노계열 replace them with advisers chosen by Number 10. 

His departure opened the way for Rishi Sunak, 39, to be promoted to the role of Chancellor having previously served as Mr Javid’s deputy as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Mr Javid accused Mr Johnson of setting conditions ‘any self-respecting minister’ would reject – a thinly veiled swipe at his successor.  

The move was seen as a power grab by Mr Cummings with Mr Sunak reportedly immediately under pressure from Number 10 to tear up his predecessor’s tight spending rules and allow Mr Johnson to splash the cash at the next Budget.

But the elevation of Mr Sunak has cast doubt on whether that Budget, currently scheduled for March 11, will go ahead amid speculation it could be delayed. 

Downing Street refused to guarantee the date yesterday with a spokesman saying only that ‘extensive preparations have already been carried out for the Budget and they will continue at pace’.

Meanwhile, accusations of a power grab were likely to grow after it emerged that Downing Street had immediately moved some of its troops into the Treasury last night to help Mr Sunak.  

Boris Johnson, pictured in Downing Street yesterday, conducted a brutal reshuffle of his Cabinet

The shake-up saw Sajid Javid, pictured leaving his London home this morning, quit the government as he refused a demand from Dominic Cummings to sack all of his aides

Mr Cummings appeared to be in good spirits as he was photographed leaving his London home this morning

That comes ahead of the creation of a ‘joint’ economic unit based across Number 10 and the Treasury which will make decisions, 우리카지노계열 changing a power dynamic in Whitehall which has existed for decades. 

Numerous other senior figures also left the government yesterday as Mr Johnson wielded the axe. 

Julian Smith was unceremoniously dumped as Northern Ireland secretary just weeks after brokering a deal which restored the power-sharing administration at Stormont.

Andrea Leadsom was sacked as business secretary, Theresa Villiers lost her job as environment secretary and Geoffrey Cox was removed from his post as attorney general.

Esther McVey lost her role as housing minister, and the total number of women attending Cabinet fell from eight to seven – while the total number of ministers attending shrank from 32 to 26.

But there were a series of promotions for Tory MPs loyal to Mr Johnson.  

Alok Sharma was promoted from international development to become the new Business Secretary and he will also be minister for the COP26 UN climate summit, which is due to take place in Glasgow in November.





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Share Anne-Marie Trevelyan joined the Cabinet as International Development Secretary, having previously been a defence minister.

Oliver Dowden became a full Cabinet member as Culture Secretary, having previously attended the meetings as paymaster general, and George Eustice was promoted to Environment Secretary from his previous more junior role in the same department.

Brandon Lewis was appointed as Northern Ireland Secretary, while former Brexit minister Suella Braverman returned to the Government as Attorney General.

Ex-Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay has replaced Mr Sunak as Treasury Chief Secretary.

Amanda Milling was made Conservative Party chairman – a role in which she will attend Cabinet as a minister without portfolio.

Former defence secretary Penny Mordaunt will return to Government as Paymaster General in the Cabinet Office.

Rishi Sunak, pictured right arriving in Downing Street this morning, replaced Mr Javid as Chancellor. Stephen Barclay returned to Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Suella Braverman, pictured left, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, pictured right, were both promoted to the Cabinet yesterday

Mr Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel are expected to brief Cabinet on the UK’s new immigration system today with Cabinet asked to rubberstamp the blueprint. 

The new points-based immigration system could reduce the number of low-skilled migrant workers from European Union countries by up to 90,000 a year. 

Under existing rules workers from the EU and European Economic Area countries can come to the UK to live or work without a visa.

EU freedom of movement to the UK is due to end at the end of the Brexit transition period in December 2020 with the new system in place at the start of 2021. 

Mr Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel have now decided on how the new system, due to be unveiled within weeks, 카지노사이트 will operate.

It will close the route for low-skilled migrants though short-term visas will be considered for occupations experiencing shortages. 

If porn sites can clean up their act in days, why not social media?

All that is being asked is that football’s relationship with social media aspires to the same standards we now expect from hardcore pornographers.

While the Government plans to tackle online harms later this year, and football’s authorities plead with Facebook and Twitter to get round the table, in the world of lesbian teens and cougar grandmas, stuff gets done.

On December 4 last year, the New York Times published an by journalist Nicholas Kristof. Beside a photograph of a teenage girl, the headline read: ‘The children of Pornhub: Why does Canada allow this company to profit off videos of exploitation and assault?’

The New York Times published a column headlined 'The children of Pornhub' last December

The New York Times published a column headlined ‘The children of Pornhub’ last December

Kristof’s allegations were troubling. Pornhub sells as the acceptable face of pornography with a billboard on Times Square, donations to charitable causes and more visitors a month than Netflix, Amazon or Yahoo.

Kristof pricked that bubble of faux innocence. He wrote searching ’14yo’ on its site produced more than 100,000 results.

Not all were of sexual assault but enough were. Rape was also a common theme. And not all of the footage was staged. 

Kristof spoke to victims, documented specific cases and concluded by calling on Pornhub to only allow verified users to post videos, to ban downloads — because, once downloaded, even a video of non-consensual sex that has been removed lives on — and increase moderation.

That was Friday. By the following Tuesday, Pornhub had complied — with all of it. ‘Effective immediately,’ the company announced. As well as new verified upload and download protocols, a taskforce called the Red Team would search the platform for illegal material.

All videos posted by unverified users were immediately removed and ‘fingerprinting technology’ was introduced to prevent unverifiable content being reposted.

And that’s how swiftly it can be done, if the will exists. Five days, including a weekend. Five days between Pornhub being challenged on standards and the company making the necessary changes to maintain reputation. And it does have a reputation.

In 2017, Pornhub sponsored snow ploughs to clear the streets in Boston. It has donated to breast cancer charities, environmental and equal opportunity campaign groups. And, of course, the speed of the changes will also have been motivated by Mastercard and Visa threatening to withdraw payment facilitation services. But it’s a start.

And, no, the leaders of English football do not have the way with words of a double Pulitzer Prize winner like Kristof.

Even so, the letter sent to Jack Dorsey, chief executive officer of Twitter, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should resonate. It mentions ‘basic human decency’, calls the platforms ‘havens for abuse’. There is also a Kristof-style accusation.

‘Your inaction has created the belief in the minds of the anonymous perpetrators that they are beyond reach,’ the letter reads. 

The leaders of English football sent a letter to Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) about levels of abuse on their platforms

The leaders of English football sent a letter to Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) about levels of abuse on their platforms 

‘The relentless flow of racist and discriminatory messages feeds on itself: the more it is tolerated by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, platforms with billions of users, the more it becomes normal, accepted behaviour.’

The same could be said of abuse generally. Abuse opens the door, racist abuse saunters through unchallenged as part of the crowd. One invites the other.

Yet few care for that link. It was still the positioning of the word ‘black’ between f***ing and c*** that got Chelsea supporter Colin Wing a life ban, having aimed those words at Raheem Sterling.

Had he, a 60-year-old man, just screamed that Sterling was a ‘f***ing c***’, his behaviour would have been unremarkable.

Certainly, there would have been no exclusion. None of those around him, who hurled obscenities without the racial identifier, were given a permanent ban. So we have a strange attitude to abuse.

Reginald Maudling, the former Home Secretary, spoke in 1971 of reducing the IRA to an ‘acceptable level’ of violence. We now have notions of an acceptable level of abuse. It is hardly surprising, then, that social media companies think the same way.

The key request in the letter was an end to online anonymity. ‘All users should be subject to an improved verification process that (only if required by law enforcement) allows for accurate identification of the person behind the account.’ It seems very straightforward and achievable.

Why should online racists, or the type of people who issue death threats to referees and managers, be able to hide in the shadows?

Why can’t the poster abusing Manchester United player Lauren James on Instagram, for example, not be reported by the platform and then traced by police?

Football is facing an uphill battle to reduce online abuse of professional players after Facebook rejected one of its key demands to 'filter and block' abusive messages before they are posted

Football leaders have condemned big tech firms for their inactivity over online abuse

Manchester United and England player Lauren James has been racially abused on Instagram

Manchester United and England player Lauren James has been racially abused on Instagram

First, there are logistical issues that must be addressed. One verification proposal is for National Insurance numbers to be used. Yet there are more NI numbers than people in the United Kingdom. NI numbers are frequently fake.

Means of identification is a mere teething problem, however, compared to the minefield beyond because, from here, it gets complicated. What seemed very straightforward in the field of pornography is not in our globalised world.

Take free speech. In this country, and others, we guard it so sincerely that we debate the rights of individuals to say some pretty obnoxious, unhelpful things. To undermine vaccination rollouts with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and bogus scientific claims. To promote lies. To abuse. To post media that actively promotes violence. 

Put it like this: if a person tweeted that ISIS had the right idea throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, there would be those who would defend the right to say this, providing the message wasn’t directly acted upon.

Then there are those countries where to argue strongly against throwing homosexuals off tall buildings invites the attention of the authorities; marks a person out as a radical, perhaps an enemy of the state. Countries where defending human rights, gay rights, women’s rights, is wrong.

Yet a global business has a global policy. And if a verification process is required, 우리카지노 it will have to be implemented worldwide.

Now return to football’s letter. ‘An improved verification process that (only if required by law enforcement) allows for accurate identification of the person behind the account.’

So what if the law enforcement agency is the police and the government in a country less enlightened than our own; a state in which homosexuality is illegal, or criticism of the ruling regime is forbidden? What happens when those law enforcers request the ID of a poster whose output does not meet government approval?

Twitter, or Facebook, can always say no. Yet what if the perceived promotion of homosexuality is an offence in that country? The poster is breaking the law.

Do Dorsey or Zuckerberg then get to decide with which laws they agree? Their power would be immense. The letter, as well intended and necessary as it is, sees it all as an English problem. Yet social media is global.

Social media's problems, include those of Twitter (pictured, CEO Dorsey), are global issues - not English issues

Social media’s problems, include those of Twitter (pictured, CEO Dorsey), are global issues – not English issues

Jackie Weaver and Handforth Parish Council’s meeting achieved notoriety far beyond these shores, much like Texas lawyer Rod Ponton, who appeared before a hearing as a panicking cat, due to an unfortunate Zoom filter setting.

We can discuss involving law enforcement but the fact remains the person sending monkey emojis to Marcus Rashford may be on the other side of the world.

Patrick O’Brien, 18, who bombarded Ian Wright with 20 racist messages after losing a video game, came from Tralee in west Ireland. In the most recent census, just 5.3 per cent of Tralee’s population identified as black, black Irish, Asian or Asian Irish.

Social media opens up the world but it opens it up to some very closed minds — just as Black Lives Matter and campaigns for social justice and equality have provoked positive and negative responses, from the Burnley fly-past to booing at Millwall.

Yet social media is where the forces of reaction can truly vent their fury, can take the fight directly to protagonists like Rashford, safely shielded by distance and anonymity. And that must change. Yet it is not as simple as imagined. If only everything in life was as uncomplicated as porn.



Remember that romantic picture of John W Henry and the Glazer family, sitting at their homes on the east coast, so terribly worried about the state of the English football pyramid?

Rick Parry sold the vision to us as a way of justifying the power grab known as Project Big Picture. American venture capitalists were obsessed with the fate of Accrington Stanley, bless them.

Some observers fell for it, too. Liverpool and Manchester United were coming to the rescue of the less fortunate. They were moved by Bury’s demise, inspired to be the agents of change and reform.

Now, it appears, they have settled for an alternate vision. One that could leave the EFL, and its clubs, in a worse position than ever. For while conspiring with Parry in one room, the venture capitalists were holding other meetings, too — with the richest clubs in Europe, discussing a continental closed shop to replace UEFA’s Champions League.

As a result, UEFA have caved in to requests for an expanded competition, with several places reserved for any members of the elite that fail to qualify through domestic leagues.

Liverpool owner John W Henry's love for the struggling EFL was a nice line - but that's all it was

Liverpool owner John W Henry’s love for the struggling EFL was a nice line – but that’s all it was

This new schedule will affect the Carabao Cup, and the worth of the domestic television deal, which will then impact on the trickle-down economy so important to the EFL’s clubs. 

Champions League teams may no longer have room for the second domestic cup competition, which kills a significant slice of EFL broadcast revenue. Also, if the jeopardy of a major club failing to qualify for the Champions League is removed, one of the most dramatic subplots of the season goes with it. 

Again, that can only impact on Premier League broadcast rights, reducing the money spread through the league. The likes of Manchester United and Liverpool will not be troubled because they would have additional European fixtures — soon to be as good as guaranteed by UEFA co-efficients.

How much of this latest windfall will be redirected to the struggling EFL? Not much, if any, one presumes.

Fenway and the Glazers’ love for the little people was a nice line, but that’s all it was.



Escape from Colditz was a board game, in part devised by Pat Reid, a British Army officer who genuinely did.

It included a Do or Die card, a last desperate break for freedom when all seems lost.

The game ends there and then. If successful, the team have achieved their escape — if not, they are wiped from the board. It would appear Jose Mourinho has reached this stage with Gareth Bale.

Gareth Bale's Spurs career is over if he does not care about the implication he no longer cares

Gareth Bale’s Spurs career is over if he does not care about the implication he no longer cares

There is only one explanation for publicly appearing to doubt the extent of the injury that kept him out of the FA Cup tie at Everton — and that is if Mourinho’s intention is to rile the player into a response by attempting to prove him wrong.

If Bale is not motivated by the implication he no longer cares, then his Tottenham career is over.

Mourinho’s words suggested a man who has tried all other provocations without success.

He doesn’t care if Bale hates him, he just wants a reaction. It’s do or die; die, probably.



With Jofra Archer out of the second Test in Chennai, 우리카지노 the debate around whether to include Jimmy Anderson grows. The plan was to rest him for Stuart Broad. 

Yet with Archer’s only like-for-like replacement the callow Olly Stone, 우리카지노 a fast bowler with a single Test against Ireland to his name, the call for Anderson after his first Test heroics will be strong.

It is a problem. Jamie Vardy’s form for Leicester also inspires regular demands for him to be restored to the England squad, ignoring the possibility that the rest during international breaks might be contributing hugely to his continued impact at the age of 34. Careful management might also explain why Anderson is as potent as ever at 38.

It is not as obvious as just slinging him in.



In the hullabaloo around Joe Root’s 100th Test, Jimmy Anderson’s greatest over and a famous England victory, one achievement was rather overlooked in Chennai.

Ishant Sharma reached 300 Test wickets. That wouldn’t put him in the top five seam bowlers for England, but Sharma plays half of his cricket in India.

As helpful as the conditions are to India batsmen, so they are to the detriment of bowlers such as Sharma. India have only had three quicks pass 300 wickets. 

It is an exceptional milestone.

India's Ishant Sharma reached 300 Test wickets in the first Test - it is an exceptional milestone

India’s Ishant Sharma reached 300 Test wickets in the first Test – it is an exceptional milestone 


A way has been found for Jurgen Klopp to leave the country to face RB Leipzig in a Champions League game, but not to attend the funeral of his mother, Elisabeth.

What a strange and sad time this is.  

Picture Review – Casino Royale

The Big Distinction Between Gambling And Poker. Gambling refers for the paying for an upfront fee to some one, business, or another thing for the purpose of betting ; however, gambling entails the paying of wagers to a individual or a book maker to win bets which are then paid back with winnings for the gambling player. So, why does one choose to gamble versus play poker? Is it as you prefer to bet more than you like to play poker?

There’s not any hard-set rule as to why is people gamble more or less than several other people. However, it’s apparent that many players possess a”likes” and” disliked” list which includes both poker casinos and players. It’s interesting to observe that the”universe” of gamblers comprises gamblers of all ages, races, economic backgrounds, religions, and persuasions. On another view, the”world” of poker players comprises a number of the world’s biggest poker players like Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Annie Duke and other players. So clearly, there’s some thing that unites all gamblers, even the world’s biggest players.

Another similarity between gambling and organized crime is the fact that the former thrives on deception. The criminal aspect in the game of poker reaches the true level of their participation out of their casino gaming spouses. They do so by using many different devious strategies and devious individuals.

As an example, one strategy embraced by many poker players is that your”action taken”. This means striking at the vulnerable on the competition’s table without revealing any signs of having done so. Although this might look entirely plausible, the reality of this circumstance is that the activities of the poker players tend to be premeditated and usually regarded as an act of cowardice. In other words, many poker players may withdraw from playing with a particular poker match if they discover that their opponents have rigged the game in their favor.

The sphere of organized crime also employs the same modus operandi. The Mafia and other organized crime groups such as the Russian Nacional or Italian La Cosa Nostra as an instance, thrive on the gaming dens that they run. Organized crime groups also enjoy a good poker match every so often. Some examples of the sorts of card games that usually are played by organized crime categories comprise Caribbean stud poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Certainly one of the most ironic outcomes of gambling is the very people who’re against it are the ones that indulge in it on a regular basis. Most betting addicts think it is extremely tough to steer clear of this. Much like addiction, the addicts end up looking at more as a way to self-medicate the aftereffects of these gambling. The issue with gambling and alcoholism is that these habits aren’t just emotionally challenging but physically as well. Like any dependence, heavy gamblers face a range of physical issues like insufficient sleep, muscular aches, heart palpitations, dizziness, and trembling.

Perhaps one of the most poignant moments in Casino Royale does occur when the casino owner informs Blaine to leave the hotel because he has been robbed once before. Before he leaves, though, a scented candle accidentally falls from a stand . Upon seeing this, the young poker player rushes to get it, but before leaving he bumps into the guy who had previously been robbing him earlier on. After the guy finds the card counting machine behind him, he threatens to record every one involved in the robbery to the authorities, but before he could do this, the casino manager spots a suspicious looking man departing with the income.

Ultimately, Mississippi Grind and Casino Royale introduce us to Paul Newman, who plays the use of a poker player to its very first time at the film. Although he will not possess very good poker expertise, his presence does amazing things for the storyline because he can help turn the tables onto the corrupt authorities. After getting mistaken for a drunk, and a cop tries to arrest him on bogus charges, but Newman manages to flee prosecution and flee to nyc. There, he teams up with still another card game enthusiast, played with Steve McQueen, and also two other escaped convicts called Bret along with Calvin.

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Structural Qualities of Your Problem Of Gambling

Gambling is not a fresh term to most folks. It is an older form of betting by which a number of folks place their stakes, some may secure the bet, others are going to drop the wager. Most gamblers will proceed for the very popular video games like the horse race, the auto race, the football game, and one other games and sports. In the start, gaming was confined to specified areas such as the Roman roads, the Greek and also the Casino exactly where the rich people went.

Today online gaming web page has changed into a trend within the gambling environment. This new form of gaming has changed how that people play with their favorite games and also has given a fresh head for the web gaming globe. The idea of on-line gambling site has been around for a significant long time but it had been the internet that genuinely transformed it to some popular spot for gamblers all around the world. A great online gaming site will permit one to put your bets, give you the facility to withdraw your bonuses too. The most best feature extended by way of a very superb online gaming site may be the quality of producing the overall game adaptable for all different kinds of gamers.

Betting or gaming is also usually related to a specific period ever like the old days and the older age. There has been a time when gambling wasn’t only confined to their country . however, it disperse into the planet. Thus, betting has a long historical past. It originated from the period of early Greece and Rome, which had been believed as the age of riches to get its Romans. The Roman Coliseum was believed as the first proper gaming hall and the Romans had been known to be extremely keen on gambling there.

Now, betting is still a big company, even though it has arrived under the radar of this law, even since it’s contrary to regulations to encourage betting throughout advertisements. Nevertheless, the problem of gaming addiction has developed over recent years. You’ll find many myths and misconceptions about gaming enthusiasts, that can be largely untrue. Gambling habit is essentially a behavioral addiction and maybe perhaps not a physical dependency since people usually think.

Individuals frequently feel that pathological gambling is only a matter of currency reduction. The truth is that a lot of people who have gambling addictions suffer with various other issues such as depression, social withdrawal and stress. The issue of gambling dependency is very acute and 바카라사이트목록 demands professional help if it really is to be handled efficiently.

Generally in most situations, the problem bettors don’t lose all their capital nevertheless they have to continually go back again to betting in order to meet their need for gaming thrill. Yet, those that suffer with pathological gambling tend to move to great extents to satisfy their need to bet. As an instance, a person addicted to poker is very likely to attend a completely new scope to get precisely exactly the same thrill as that got from the slot player.

Some of the other features of the kind of betting comprise the fact it is situated on math and odds and that it will involve lots of highly unnatural pursuits like live gambling, movie clip betting and also horse gambling. To grow the , you will find many different structural characteristics with the type of gambling. By way of example, gambling issues are much more inclined to floor among several groups of persons than many others. Teen women, women who have disabilities, even a number varieties of people suffering from mental illnesses, men and even teens are known to be at higher chance of developing pathological gambling problems.

The problem of gaming has indeed evolved throughout the last century and it’s come to be perhaps one of the absolute most often encountered disorders from the culture of today. Therefore, it may be considered as a disorder. If you’re afflicted by this disease, there’s a solid likelihood that you just may develop issues like depression, panic and stress and even perpetrate suicide. The major purpose with this article will be to emphasize the impact of maladaptive gambling behavior on society and to provide a concise overview of the way a English legislation prevents and copes with this particular specific dilemma.

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Business Success With Gaming – Roulette and Craps

Betting might reasonably be defined as depositing cash (including other resources ) in unfavourable odds with the expectation of reaping a benefit. In its most general sense, it’s associated with games of chance, especially those involving dishonest enterprises. Ergo, playing blackjack in a fair casino is only betting. However, the prospective benefit motive that can motivate a individual to participate in gaming has evolved overtime.

There are two main forms of gaming: indoor and outdoor gambling. In door betting occurs in’casinos,’ whereas outdoor gaming is additionally called’poker gaming.’ Poker could very well be the most renowned of gambling matches. Poker, also known as Texas Holdem, is just one of earth’s most popular card games, and is also one of the most widely played gaming activities.

Poker is a game of chance, since it is not possible to share with with complete certainty if your certain card, hand, or strategy will draw cards. Therefore, a gambler’s success in a poker match is based more on luck than skill. It’s estimated that only twenty per cent of American poker players earn money through their particular ability. The remainder of successful poker players are betting partners or third parties.

As stated previously, betting involves risk. The magnitude of the hazard is contingent on the art of the player. An adept player can aspire to win if there’s just a little prospect of losing the total amount on their hand. In the same way, a person who is playing poker for a long time is unlikely to lose all his or her money, however they is able to still lose a few. To enhance your odds of winning, it’s a fantastic idea to become knowledgeable about the different kinds of stakes spreads. This information can help you choose whether you have to play with a certain card, then move your money from 1 set to another, or take the next activity in between hand plays.

Many folks view internet poker for a kind of gaming, because the interface of this poker room is not identical to the casino. This is particularly true in a number of cases where the stakes are low and also the matches simple. However, this should not be viewed as an adverse feature. There are various benefits to online poker on real betting, and these comprise the following.

First, online poker enables a person to develop his or her own skills with no pressure of gaming. Oftentimes, those who get involved in betting and gambling usually do not understand the skills that they have developed, and because of this, cannot unlearn their skills. By placing bets on poker tournaments and online flash games, a new player can work with improving their poker knowledge. This is often a better solution than spending more on casinos, since the relevant skills developed at home could endure for much longer than those that will be improved in a casino.

Online poker also offers a player the possibility to come up with important gambling strategy skills. One of the best & most important skills that anybody can learn is how to manage the money. Without gaming luck, most of the effort and time spent in gambling just wouldn’t be worth it. It’s crucial to keep an eye on someone’s financing and know when and how to pay them. This helps people to have business success and an appropriate way of life.

Online roulette and craps provide players the ability to work on skill without gaming on other people’s fate. The port of blackjack and roulette is extremely similar to that of gambling games found in casinos, and that is the reason why so many people enjoy playing with these games. Because blackjack and blackjack are played within the convenience of someone’s home, someone does not need to head to a casino to have fun. Additionally, many of those games can also be played at no cost, which is a wonderful advantage over other forms of betting. These factors generate online roulette and craps a safe, fun smallbusiness task for anyone who is interested in having some fun and making any funds at precisely the exact same time.

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What is the Difference Between a Traditional French Boule and Also a New Type of Bread?

A French Boule is just actually a very old recipe for a large loaf of bread that seems as though a flattened balloon. It can differ in sizes from large to small but mostly it is on the bigger side of bread. A boule might be generated with a variety of flours and all sorts of leavening agents such as a slender, pre-trystment or wholewheat flour.

The sources of the recipe are not yet determined but likely it evolved from Italy since the main ingredients are offered at the time. The first element is that bread , which was probably unbleached white bread flour once we still use now. In the earlier days the flour used was probably loaf bread.

The ingredients of this original house are not obviously understood, even though it is supposed it contains one egg per four pounds of bread mix and one quarter cup of milk. It may happen to be baked in an earthenware pot and the edges rolled to form the boule’s shape. It’s supposed that it had been a floured board manufactured from barrels instead than nails as claws are used for making sheets of fish from the anglers of France. Yet another interesting little bit of advice would be that the source of the patisserie knives that would cut the bread to the desired contours was found in a village called Peruche located in the Aude area of southern France. The knives had no blade and also were hollow one end and tapered on the other.

French Boule was adapted to many diverse variations plus some of them can be common. One of the more prevalent versions of a French Boule now is one which comprises not merely the egg and milk but in addition the butter. This can make the item more popular to bakers who use melted butter inside their breads. This type of boule has been adapted to include sugar in the dough.

Most modern French bread manufacturers will tell you there is not any true relation between the introduction of the French boules and also the baguettes. But this is actually a distinction without a real difference. Both bakers use boules in their recipes but the process that they use is very different. French bakers will add a very thick egg mixture to the dough so as to make it right into a glue that’ll hold the springform together as it increases. Once this is done, 바카라사이트추천 the risen dough is patted out into a few pieces and laid into a skillet. The pan is then baked at the lowest temperature possible so that it does not stick.

A French chef named Henry FDJ de Mably devised the baguette in 1760. He may have influenced that the French boulle by analyzing the procedures of the French chefs who made bread from this country. The baguette was embraced as the official bread of France and remains the favourite today of any French chef.

Many of the techniques used to make French bread, such as the usage of egg yolks to increase the dough or mixing flour and butter to produce a roux are methods that English people have embraced for their own use in their bread making. By way of example, when coming up with a white wine sauce, the French people will usually put brandy in their wine before they actually begin dealing together. They do not try this by using their saffron, that’s the spice that’s used for making black wine sauce.

If you are interested in attempting to recreate a few of the tastes and types of this traditional French breads, then you might like to provide bread building an attempt. You’re able to select from a wide variety of breads which are obtainable in all markets, including the most popular truffle baguettes. All these are simple to produce in your home and once you have mastered the techniques included, you might find that you have developed your style of bread that you like.

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5 Fun Non-Gambling Things to Do in Las Vegas

id=”mod_44439278″>Las Vegas has moved far away from its beginning as verdant oasis in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas which literally translates to ‘the meadows’ was named by Spanish explorers in 1829 to reflect the fertile green meadows and happy streams that flowed from underground springs to create a fertile green oasis in Nevada’s Mojave Desert.

Today, the name Las Vegas elicits more risqué images than its translation suggests. The springs that gurgled through Las Vegas have long been depleted by the population boom that came following a brand of entertainment that has earned the city the moniker ‘city of sin’. Instead of wholesome, 카지노사이트 verdant images Las Vegas is now synonymous with gambling, strip clubs, prostitution and Elvis style weddings done on a drunken whim. Out of all these activities, gambling is the one that many people associate the city with. After all, the city’s other moniker is ‘gambling capital of the world’. There are however, other, shall we say, more wholesome things to do in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with gambling. Here are 5 of the best non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas for visitors who would prefer to keep their money away from the gambling machines and in their pockets.

Although it’s known as the gambling capital of the world, there are actually several great non gambling things to do in Las Vegas | Source 1. Horseback Ride Cowboy Style Through Red Rock Canyon

If you’ve ever had dreams of making like a cowboy and reliving the wild frontier days depicted in western movies and novels, Las Vegas is just the place to make them come true. Leave the lights and money grabbing slot machines of the city behind and join a truly unique cowboy trip through the stunning Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon lies just 20 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip and is stunning because of its drastic natural formations.The bright red cliffs formed from red sandstone, stands beside yellow and brown rocky mountains thousands of feet high and provide shade to cactus, yucca and other bristled desert plants.

Climb up the rocky trails on horseback with real horse wranglers who provide guidance to novice and experienced riders. Before you get to the very top where the payoff will be breathtaking views of the city and the mountains, stop and camp out for lunch in the wild just like real cowboys did in the days when week long rides were the norm. The only thing missing will be invading Indians or outlaw cowboys! Check out for good packages.

If long hours on a horse isn’t your thing, the Red Rock Canyon is a popular hiking spot so well marked trails, maps and other activities are available. Particularly interesting is the historic Petroglyph Wall hike with its 800 hundred years old carvings on the rock. Plan a trip at

2. Marvel at Criminal Masterminds at Mob Museum

Tied as the mob is to the birth of Las Vegas’ gambling industry, it may seem disingenuous to include this museum on a list of non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas. However, the mob is so inextricably tied to Las Vegas’ history that even if just for historical reasons this museum deserves a visit.

It could easily be argued that the mob helped create Las Vegas by using illegal gains to front the legitimate businesses and resorts that would lay the foundation for the Las Vegas of today. The Mob Museum makes this argument and makes it well in its interactive displays that will entertain and teach those who are interested in this part of American history.

For the history buff, the movie buff and the curious, the museum is a treasure trove on all things mob. Fans of infamous mob figures will enjoy the displays of information on men whose names were once whispered with fear. Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello are just a few of those featured. In addition to major mafia players, some major events in mob history are explained and exhibited in a way that will excite fans of the mafia period of American history. Notable is Chicago’s 1929 Valentine’s Day Massacre. On that bloody day seven men were lined up in front of a wall in Chicago and assassinated a result of war between rival mob families in Chicago. The wall where the assassinations took place and even some of the bullets from the day are all on display.

Other displays include original paraphernalia from famous mob movies and shows like The Godfather and The Sopranos. The mob Museum is located right in the middle of all the action in downtown Las Vegas, get information on tickets and opening hours at

3. Cool Down at Boulder Beach

“A beach in the desert?”

“Not really”

Boulder Beach is really part of Las Vegas’ largest man-made lake called Lake Mead. A small section of the lake has been outfitted with sand 카지노사이트 to give the beach experience. Regardless of the technicalities, Boulder Beach is an excellent way to cool off on one of Las Vegas’ hot days. The actual sandy part of the beach is narrow, but the water is cool and inviting for swimming or just splashing around with the kids. The whole area is a peaceful respite from the busy strip and good for spending a few hours just sitting by the water getting a tan and watching seagulls and boats go by. Make it a whole day affair, and pack a lunch which you can later eat at the picnic area.

Boulder Beach is located in the Lake Mead Recreational Area, about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Plan a trip at

How to Get to Non Gambling Activities in Las Vegas

“lat”:36.266345999999999,”lng”:-114.992722,”zoom”:9,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:89355,”lat”:”36.151917″,”lng”:”-115.454124″,”name”:”Red Rock Canyon”,”address”:”Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, State Highway 159, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USA”,”description”:”Red Rock Canyon”,”id”:89356,”lat”:”36.172813″,”lng”:”-115.141243″,”name”:”Mob Museum”,”address”:”300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA”,”description”:”The Mob Museum”,”id”:89357,”lat”:”36.135525″,”lng”:”-115.179787″,”name”:”Dig This Las Vegas”,”address”:”3012 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA”,”description”:”Dig This”,”id”:89358,”lat”:”36.046551″,”lng”:”-114.796219″,”name”:”Boulder Beach”,”address”:”Boulder City, NV 89005, USA”,”description”:”Lake Mead-Boulder Beach”,”id”:89359,”lat”:”36.485523″,”lng”:”-114.531311″,”name”:”Valley of Fire”,”address”:”Valley of Fire State Park, 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040, United States”,”description”:”Valley of Fire State Park”],”moduleId”:”44458915″ARed Rock Canyon: 우리카지노계열 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, State Highway 159, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USAget directions

Red Rock Canyon

BMob Museum: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USAget directions

The Mob Museum

CDig This Las Vegas: 3012 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USAget directions

Dig This

DBoulder Beach: Boulder City, NV 89005, USAget directions

Lake Mead-Boulder Beach

EValley of Fire: Valley of Fire State Park, 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040, United Statesget directions

Valley of Fire State Park

4. Hike Ancient Trails at Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park is a bit further away from the heart of Las Vegas than the other places on this list, but is one of those places that every visitor must visit at least once. Like Red Rock Canyon, the 40,000 acres of land that make up the park consists of fiery red mountains made of red sandstone. The name Fire State Park is said to have been influenced by a passerby who noted that the area seemed like it was on fire because of the red rock. Apart from the stunning views of fiery red mountains, the park is filled with birds, rare wildlife like the desert tortoise, artifacts and historic carvings from ancient civilizations.

By far, the best way to see these sights is by hiking one of the ancient trails (the park dates from the Jurassic period) which are marked and documented by maps found throughout the park and at the visitor center.

5. Operate a Real Bulldozer at Dig This

Dig This Las Vegas is probably one of the coolest non gambling activities in Las Vegas. The concept behind Dig It is unadulterated childhood fun and will appeal to all the grown-up kids who dreamed of wearing a hard hat and operating an excavator or bulldozer as children.

Wreck, dig, stack and do whatever else you desire on a real excavator or bulldozer. The journey begins with your choice of vehicle, then it’s on to get fitted into a real hard hat and neon yellow jacket. After that, instructors give lessons on how to operate the levers and buttons that make your vehicle sing. Once you feel safe operating the gigantic machines, its time for the fun to begin under the watchful guidance of your trainers.

Some of the things the machines can do, with your help is stack tires, dig huge trenches, build mounds and more. For more information, visit

This list of fun non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas is proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. If you plan on visiting the city, try a few of them. Your pockets may just thank you. Happy travels!


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The Changing English Language: Evolution or Dumbing Down?

id=”mod_16516091″>The times and the English language are changing

It happens every so often. Merriam-Webster or the Oxford English Dictionary announce the addition of new words to the English canon. My husband groans and I giggle. He thinks it’s a sign of a society in decline — the dumbing down of the human race. I think it’s reflective of today’s culture as language adapts to the current times — a form of linguistic evolution. (And yet, our marriage seems to work).

No matter your opinion on the subject, the English language is changing. And it’s happening fast!

With the internet age shattering geographic barriers, a wide array of slang, jargon and colloquialisms seem to find quickly infiltrate everyday conversations, texts, emails and social networks all over the world.

Some 21st Century additions to the dictionary

Use new words in a conversation with your parents or grandparents and you’ll probably be met with a blank stare. Use them in an IM with your teenage niece and you may actually gain some “Cool Aunt or Uncle” points. Here are a few examples:

Derpy: Someone who is awkward or accident-prone. Also a character on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

Totes: An abbreviated version of totally. According to Urban Dictionary, “The average time saved by using the word totes … 26.6 seconds a day! Over the course of a year that adds up to 2.7 hours!!”

Selfie: A picture you take of yourself with the intention of sharing with your social networks. Selfie was named Oxford’s word of the year.

Woot: A shout of joy or victory.

Retweet: To share someone else’s message on twitter.

Jeggings: Leggings designed to resemble jeans.

Sexting: Sending sexually explicit photos, images, text messages, or emails via cell phone or mobile device.

Cyberbullying: Using the internet to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.

Bromance: A close friendship between men that is non-sexual.

How do you feel about new words like jeggings, retweet and sexting?


Society on the decline.

See results Yes, it’s actually English (even if it’s old)

The English language is in a constant state of flux. Just look at 13th Century Old English and 14th Century Middle English. It’s like trying to read Japanese (unless, of course, you speak Japanese, in which case it’s nothing like that).

Have you ever tried to read Geoffrey Chaucher’s “The Canterbury Tales”? It’s doable, but it’s tough!

Here’s an excerpt:

Whan that aprill with his shoures soote

The droghte of march hath perced to the roote,

And bathed every veyne in swich licour

Of which vertu engendred is the flour.

Ummmm, what?

It’s difficult to decipher. And yes, it’s English. I even took an entire college literature course devoted to reading Chaucer’s work.

Time to text. | Source It’s all about the conTEXT

How would Chaucer feel now trying to interpret the changing lexicon. With the prevalence of smart phones, just about everyone in texting these days (even your mom). The younger generation in particular has taken advantage of this new form of communication. Take a quick look at Urban Dictionary or even a text dialogue between two teens:



A: D46?


Any idea what these text abbreviation mean? Neither did I. Let me enlighten you:

A: How are you?

B: Alive and kicking.

A: Down for sex?

B: Totally.

Key to English writes that a time capsule buried in 1938 in New York City included a printed “key to English” that describes 20th-century American English in order to help discoverers 5000 years in the future understand the language.

Here we are just under 75 years later, and language has already changed dramatically. It’s safe to say that in 6938, the English language as we know it will most definitely be a foreign language

According to an article in the New York Times, the American Dialect Society’s Brice Russ claims that the 200 million+ messages posted daily on twitter may provide valuable information to linguists about geographic speech differences.

Many teachers are reporting that the texting language common on Facebook, twitter, IM and 우리카지노계열 other social media sites is polluting students’ essays and homework assignments.

Source Hubpoints

The implications of the changing language have been debated widely by scientists, linguists and even Hubbers:

Dramatic changes are detrimental and put the English language in jeopardy: The Future of the English Language.

A prolific look at changing language: The History of the English language.

Some of the oddities of the English language.

Some of the reasons why the English language is important.

As a writer I enjoy the growing lexicon. It’s an opportunity to embrace new words and expand my writing horizon.

I know some people worry that these changes are making society stupid, but I would argue there has always been a portion of society that’s simply that: Stupid. Or, as our teen friends might text, “AYSOS*?” I guess it depends who you ask.

*Are you stupid or something?


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English Language IdiomsTen English Proverbs And Sayings About Birds

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The English LanguageWhat Examiners Look For When Marking Your English Composition

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2 years ago

The deterioration of language is usually defined, (primarily by linguists) as the evolutionary process of language. Naturally, this doesn’t answer the question, is language actually deteriorating. For some people it is; therefore, it’s relative. There is no question that the English language has lowered its standards; we don’t have the vocabulary of generations ago. These new words that Aleza refers to are quite elementary, without any etymological sustenance. They’re trendy and perhaps short-lived. The drastic drop in vocabulary level by students and young adults is attributed to television, social media, texting etc.. I think students and young adults should learn the challenging English words that have etymological roots with Latin and Greek, words that have been around for centuries, rather than these rather vogue, puerile expressions that will disappear as soon as they’re replaced with other more juvenile expressions.


6 years ago from SC Piedmont Area

good stuff.


7 years ago from Southern California

It would be great! 🙂


7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Hehehe, @SpeakUpStandOut I like the image of you walking down the street in a period costume talking in Old English!! Too funny!!!


7 years ago from Southern California

I love Old English. I wish we still spoke that way; listening to someone speak that way is so beautiful. If I weren’t so language challenged, I’d learn how to speak like that and then I’d go around Los Angeles acting like I’m straight out of the 18th century! 🙂

I think that a lot of the “new” words that are being used are useless, they have no value in the English language and certainly shouldn’t be introducted into the dictionary (in order to taint future generations). These words are a fad, when they fade; they will always be following us in the dictionary!


8 years ago from Las Vegas, 우리카지노계열 NV

@Tymolen Thank you! I love your comment. I love the idea of a mideival rap. I also love your outlook on language. I’m so glad you stopped by!!


8 years ago from Montana

Great Hub! I love Chaucher’s excerpt you put, it’s like mid-evil rap about the spring. ha Your point is undeniable and I hope that one day mankind could merge almost all language together. Kinda like some parts in Europe and Korea. Where they speak 3-4 languages on average and interchange in some sentences because each language is indeed limited on certain cultural aspects.


8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Haha you must have talked to my husband.

Tony Lawrence

8 years ago from SE MA

Oh, you’ll probably be wrong about something eventually. Give it time 🙂


8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Thank you @pcunix that actually sounds like an interesting read. I will have to check it out. Plus I sure do love being right!

Tony Lawrence

8 years ago from SE MA

You are on the right side here. Have your husband read “The Unfolding of Language” by Guy Deutscher. It’s a fun read (I know, it sounds dry but it definitely is not) and he’ll learn why he shouldn’t groan.

Jason Menayan

8 years ago from San Francisco

TTLY should not be confused with TTYL (talk to you later), which even I, in advanced age, have seen and understood.


8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

@novascotiamiss I just love the idea of language and evolution. It makes it feel so fluid and full of life!


8 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

Interesting hub. Yes, I sometimes also think that our society is in decline but you have a point. New words also mean new opportunities. Another interesting aspect is how languages are evolving in different parts of the world. E.g. Afrikaans is a South African language that stems from the dutch of the 1600’s when the first dutch settlers inhabited the country. While the dutch in Holland has evolved, Afrikaans has remained somewhat of a baby dutch.