George Shrub’s Deception

The other day, I saw in shock George W. Bush’s intricate speech to the House of Reps. It was rather telling that this speech had not been in primetime however rather at 9 a.m. (6 a.m. in the West). I understand a great deal about politics considering that I create political thrillers ( and I am regularly doing research for my publications and also posts. However it does not take an author of politics, or even one that doesn’t comply with national politics, to understand that what George Shrub said yesterday made absolutely no feeling. With all the (significant) troubles he and the Republican celebration are in, it is no surprise he has actually all of a sudden picked to speak (or deceive) the American people concerning America’s business economics: November is coming.

Fundamentally, Shrub said that the state of our economic climate is in good shape and also is obtaining more powerful everyday. Am I insane, or has George Bush tripled the deficiency because he took office (as well as increased his wage right away after being sworn in)?

We currently, for the very first time in background, owe even more to international nations than they owe us (compromising our position as the world’s extremely power and jeopardizing our defenses).

The Iraqi Battle is going to set you back near to a trillion bucks by the time it finishes and also we reconstruct what we ruined over there, destroying our economy over here.

There is still the rebuilding of New Orleans and also other cities, not to mention what disasters are coming in the likely future.

How about the billions of bucks a day in rate of interest our country is building up?

Bush wants to invest a ton of money protecting our boundaries, not from terrorists, yet from bad Mexican families that have no work and need to feed their households. The terrorists are can be found in from Canada as well as various other cities, not from Mexico.

Rate of interest rise each month, compeling Americans to pay even more on their credit cards and also their home mortgages and 정보이용료 their university financings, and so on. As a result of that, real estate prices have actually begun to lower due to the fact that individuals can not afford a home AND 정보이용료 ALSO a big rates of interest, besides increasing real estate tax yearly, to spend for it. Isn’t this raising tax obligations by a different name.

George Bush still believes, and also plans to continue the absurd tax obligation rebate (millions to the rich, an allowance to the inadequate).

The cost of purchasing gas is boosting the price of whatever we get, although the oil companies are delighting in remarkable revenues (Exxon/Mobil earned $340 BILLION in 2015). This residual effect has actually increased the costs on food, medication, clothes, whatever. And 정보이용료 it is not going to finish, as I watch my gas station raise their costs virtually everyday. How much poorer can we get?

The American individuals have less as well as less and also George Shrub says the state of our economy is great and also is growing. It sure appears to me and the majority of Americans that it’s our personal financial debt that is growing. The number of people are much better off today than they were 5 years back? Not me, or anyone I understand.

It’s all smoke and also mirrors.