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Aside from top-rated attractions such as the Empire State Building, 메리트카지노 Central Park, and Times Square, below are some of the most beautiful off the beaten path places in New York that are worth discovering

Bannerman Castle, Pollepel Island

Add more magic to your trip to New York by exploring the Bannerman Castle in Pollepel Island, which is 6.5 acres of the island located on the Hudson River.

This enchanting castle will make you feel like you have just time-traveled to the past- and who wouldn't want to experience something like that! This fairy-tale turret of the early 20th century is a deserted military surplus establishment, and it is still standing in the center of the river like a daydream, to wow visitors.

Whiteface Mountain Steps, Wilmington

If your dream to walk the ancient stairs of the Great Wall of China remains unaccomplished and seems out of reach, consider walking the Whiteface Mountain Steps instead. These 2-miles long not-so-ancient steps are not an exception- overlooking scenic hills and untouched landscapes.

Walking up the stairs may not be as easy as you'd imagine, but definitely worth it! Even though Whiteface Mountain Steps is not notoriously common among tourists, it is something you can't miss checking out on your next trip.

Stonecrop Gardens, Cold Spring

Away from the city's crowds and hustle-bustle is Stone Gardens, a perfectly crafted nature getaway!

These gardens are a paradise for people who come searching for a quiet and laid-back environment- with lush plants and trees. It opened to the public in 1992 and was originally a home of Anne and Frank Cabot, a financier and self-taught horticulturist. This breathtaking Stonecrop Gardens sits amid the wooded Hudson Highlands and serves as an idyllic escape for nature buffs.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park

The Eternal Flame Falls is small, yet one of the state's best-loved natural wonders, a waterfall in the Shale Creek Preserve. This small waterfall is about 30 feet, and what's fascinating about it is the little cave at the back of the flowing water that displays an active Eternal Flame, which keeps burning as a result of natural gas that emits flames.

Eternal Flame Falls is absolutely one of the most unique waterfalls in the United States, and you should definitely add this to your must-see list!

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