I’m your typical dad bod guy. Gut doesn’t look like it did 20 years ago, and I just had 2 shoulder surgeries. I got a compression shirt for my shoulder and liked how it kept my shoulder feeling a little more stable. The other thing I discovered was that the entire barca shirt compressed everywhere else as well. So my guy was no longer jiggling as much – bonus! I found this three pack at about the same cost as my first shirt. After getting the soccer jersey, I have to be honest, I actually like them better. They are a little softer at the seams (there are more seams on these shirts to make compression), a little longer so they tuck in better, and they breathe pretty well. They are tight – so if you try to wear them from the time you shower in the morning and sleep in them – you won’t be happy. I wear them for 12-14 hours at a time without issue. Prior to these I have always just worn cotton undershirts, but I am to write this review after I added another three pack to my cart!

Tremendous product for hot, humid weather. it just started spring in the Charlotte area, so I will update if they are too hot in the summer or and make me sweat too much.

I knew I would roast in my usually cotton underwear, so I bought three of these shirts. First, the fit (I am an honest 2 XL size), was absolutely perfect, they are very well-made, and are very comfortable! Second, they DO wick away even heavy amounts of sweat and at the end of each hot, grueling day they didn’t smell bad at all. Third, I washed the day’s t-shirt (and similar hot weather underpants) in the sink each evening, using Woolite and cold water… gently rung them out and placed each on a hanger to dry. By the next morning the t-shirts were perfectly dry, even though the hotel room felt humid to me.

It has been in the 80 hours here already and I didn’t notice I was any hotter than a normal undershirt.