This article is supposed for consumers who have previously mounted Electron Funds, and have wallets they already have used with it. They will want to properly break up their Bitcoin SV (BSV) from the Bitcoin Income ABC (BCH) held in these wallets.

Why break up your coins

The difficulty that bsv electrum sv wallet wallet splitting cash solves, is to make it so you can devote the cash on the Bitcoin electrum sv wallet community without having the same transaction also shelling out the cash on the Bitcoin Funds ABC network. This happens for coins that have not been break up, simply because when your wallet produces the transaction that spends them, it has no way of marking that transaction so it only functions on a single of individuals networks.

How may possibly this impact a consumer Alice may well offer Bob her BCH, but since her coins are unsplit, when her transaction will get broadcast so that it receives mined, Bob can also deliver it to the Bitcoin electrum sv wallet community. Bob then finishes up with each Alices BCH and her BSV.

Alice would be clever to download ElectrumSV wallet and follow a coin-splitting guide like this one, so that her BSV can be divided from her BCH cash, ahead of she attempts to send out possibly of them.

Getting ElectrumSV wallet

If you already have ElectrumSV wallet, it is important that you make sure you have the most recent variation, so remember to verify that before proceeding.

If you do not currently have ElectrumSV wallet, there is only one safe location to get it, which is from the formal web internet site at . Pick the download proper for your running system and get it doing work.

Importing wallets from Electron Cash

There are two approaches that ElectrumSV wallet can support you import the wallets from your current Electron Funds. These both involve searching at the regular spot for Electron Cash wallets, and supplying you the likelihood to copy them above to the standard place for ElectrumSV wallet wallets.

You must not below any conditions open your original Electron Income wallet in ElectrumSV wallet, as it in the greatest case it includes Bitcoin Income ABC distinct details which will be misplaced and in the worst situation may corrupt the wallet.

When you do not have any ElectrumSV wallet wallets

When you begin ElectrumSV wallet if you have no wallets, it will present your Electron Funds wallets as the first web page, and support you in copying them.

Select one or much more of the wallets outlined listed here, then press the OK button. If you picked any, you will see a popup confirming how many wallets ended up copied.

When you have other ElectrumSV wallet wallets

If you commence ElectrumSV wallet and Electrum sv wallet you currently have wallets, it will not make the exact same offer you to copy them. Rather it will reveal if it identified your Electron Money wallets and supply the option to opt-in to the identical copying method as an added Import button on the wallet choice website page.

You will see the text Existing Electron Funds wallets detected and an Import button beside it enabled as proven.

If you do not have any Electron Funds wallets, or ElectrumSV wallet can’t locate them, the text will as an alternative be No Electron Money wallets detected and the Import button will be disabled as revealed:

If you do have Electron Income wallets and it does give you the alternative to import them, and you simply click on the button, then you will be introduced with the wallet copying page.

Choosing a single or far more wallets, and then urgent the OK button will yet again outcome in a popup confirming how numerous wallets ended up copied.

Opening your imported Electron Funds wallet

Now that you have imported an Electron Income wallet, and you want to go in advance and split the coins within it, you want to pick it. If it is not presently demonstrated as chosen, use the Choose button to see the ElectrumSV wallet wallet folder and choose a wallet to open up.

You need to not below any situations look through to the spot Electron Income shops it is wallets and select one there. The potential risks of carrying out so have currently been protected previously mentioned.

Splitting your coins

Now that you have opened your wallet, you will want to get on with splitting your cash. Go to the coin-splitting tab.

The tab outlines the approach employed to break up your coins. You may want to read through it before proceeding, to recognize both the approach concerned, and also what will take place when you get started the splitting method.

The button gives extra data. Notice that this guide only handles the simplest case of splitting all your coins at as soon as. If you want to do a lot more superior actions like freezing coins and splitting them in independent chunks, you will possibly have to function it out for by yourself or wait for a afterwards guide that addresses that in more detail.

Simply click on the Split button, to get started the splitting approach. If you established a password on your wallet, it will question you to re-enter your password, to validate the split.

When the method has completed, you will be capable to see the transactions concerned in the approach in the Heritage tab.

Confirming the break up

The most basic way to confirm that your BSV has been break up from your BCH, is to appear at the histories in both the first Electron Income wallet and also in the new ElectrumSV wallet wallet which was copied from it.

The Electron Cash heritage need to be unchanged, while the ElectrumSV wallet history will demonstrate the splitting transactions and may possibly characteristic a somewhat diverse stability to reveal the modest sum compensated in costs to ship the transaction which split your cash.