The moment you begin looking for a car service to JFK airport, you probably have a number of questions that come up.

There are many companies that provide various types of limo service in and throughout nyc car service to jfk, but just hiring any single one doesn't mean you're going to get the right service, reach your destination on time, or even be safe.

Here are three things you absolutely must know about any type of car service to JFK.

Not All Car Services Offer NYC Charter Buses:

It's true that not every company that provides limousine services to or from the airport or anywhere else throughout New York City also have charter buses available. Is that going to be important to you?

It may or may not, but at some point in time you need to be able to rely on the company for this important service. If a limo service in NYC only has one or two limousines, such as a Lincoln Town Car, and nothing else in their fleet, they will not likely be able to accommodate any other specific needs you might have.

Another problem that arises is they may have a tendency to overbook, which could leave you waiting for your chauffeur to arrive for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour. That can cause you to get to the airport late, leading to missed flights and other major problems.

Safety Should Always Be a Priority:

The second thing you should know about any type of limo service in NYC is that safety should be the top priority of the company.

Not all companies place safety as their top concern, but NY Limo Service does.

That's why they put all potential drivers through an intensive interview process, run a background check on every potential hire, and conduct ongoing training and safety evaluations, including drug testing consistently.

Look at the Other Amenities:

When looking into any type of limousine or car service, whether it's for a quick trip to or from JFK or LaGuardia Airport, for a business meeting, tour, or even an out-of-state trip, you should look to the company's other amenities that they offer.

For example, NY Limo Service offers some of the best kept NYC charter buses in the industry. They are comfortable, luxurious, late model, clean, quiet, and smooth rides and their drivers are highly knowledgeable about the Greater New York City Area, so you'll be able to get some great insight and information into the area's history and the best places to visit.