We are in the era where computer is the most essential tool for us. It helps us in our work, but we do face some problems while using it. So many virus and spywares are designed to theft your personal information and data without your authorization. People frequently transfer files and programs through CD's, pen drive, email's etc. through which virus and spyware get easily transfer to your computer. It may steal personal information and data or may damage your computer badly. Some of virus or worms are transmitted deliberately through email or discs and they can steal personal ID and password and then email them others to utilize users account at their outflow. They can prevent their computer through free virus removal.

Users can identify virus and spywares through simple indications like:

  • CD-ROM drives strangely release and close up.
  • Programs rapidly start on computer.
  • System freezes rapidly or meets errors.
  • Files or folders removed from system though users haven't removed them.
  • System get very slow then before.
  • Applications not working exactly.
  • Disc drives are unreachable.
  • System shows unusual messages.
  • Strange icon show in taskbar.

To prevent computer from malicious programs user must install free virus removal. It will protect computer from virus, spyware, adware or malware. They can embed into computer through dozen means of communication. Here is a list of most common ways a computer can get affected :

  • Accepting the terms without reading it completely.
  • By opening infected email attachments.
  • Running a program without latest updates.
  • Using pirated software's, movies or other stuff which may contain virus or spywares.
  • Using computer without any anti-virus.
  • Downloading infected software's from internet.
  • Frequently transferring files or documents through infected CD's, pen drives, or other drives.

These are the symptoms which user's computer shows while it gets infected. They generally get tired of virus or malware and they start searching for how to remove virus from their computer. They can prevent their system by following few simple tips:

  • Never open suspicious email attachment.
  • Avoid using files with double extension like, .txt.vb or jpg.exe.
  • Do not share files through USB drives, use emails for sharing any doc.
  • Do not open pop up messages.
  • Install free virus removal.
  • Always use firewall.
  • Change windows setting to auto update patches and upgrades.
  • Backup your important files and documents on regular basis.
  • Don't let anyone use your computer without your consent.

Taking these simple steps, people can prevent their computer a bit. But by hand it's not possible to stop virus or malwares completely. The simple way to prevent computer from virus or spyware install free virus removal. After installing it users don't need to fix error manually, because people don't have much time to follow every step. Its best key features are:

  • Auto detects and removes virus and malware from system.
  • Auto updates programs if updates are available.
  • Detect and Berprestasi Internasional obstruct nasty threats, which come through instant messenger.
  • Detect virus from attachment files.
  • Detect virus from script files like JAVA, visual basic and other script files.
  • Scan compressed files too.