A portmanteau of both the English hotel and office, the officetel originally was a small work area with few adjunct accommodations. Over the years, its small size was fortified by the addition of a hotel and conference use. In present times, this part of a multi-use facility is mainly used as an event space. It can accommodate up to 300 guests, making it a perfect choice for corporate hospitality events, conferences, banquets and holiday celebrations.

The Korean origin of the Officetel had humble beginnings. It was built in June 2020 by Samsung Group and Kookai Foundation as an extension of its flagship Samsung Studio on the Grand Hyatt Seoul. Built-in facilities include a karaoke bar, VIP bar, an award-winning restaurant, exhibition display and private bar. The Korean operator invested heavily in the landscaping, interior finishes and landscaping of the venue to create a completely new urban experience.

To celebrate the company’s latest milestone, a celebration car was dispatched to the Korean Motor Show to represent the company. The colorful new construction boasts an extensive array of high-tech features and state-of-the-art machinery to cater to a wide range of guest demands. With the capacity to seat up to 150 guests, the Korean officetel exhibition hall has the capacity to host international conventions and tradeshows. With the latest in modern interiors and amenities, the Korean Motor Show proudly hosts some of the most prominent auto manufacturers from around the world. Among the featured cars in the show are the Samsung Qosmio Laptop and itsjongkranz processor system, the Hyundai Santa Fe with its dual six-cell battery, and the Hyundai ION car alarm.

Since there are a lot of foreign cars in the show, the Korean operator hired a number of local contractors to create two new parking garages. The result is a stunning facility which can hold more than a hundred cars. The new facility is equipped with a spacious service bay, a branded restaurant with contemporary interiors, a service bay filled with drinks and snacks, a guest service counter and a two-storey podium with an executive office. All these facilities are completed with Korean national home language translations.

The Korean operator has several luxury rental apartments based in proximity to the theme park to ensure that guests have easy access to all the facilities. A typical rental apartment provides double occupancy facilities for foreigners and Koreans alike. The VINHomes Central Park is located close to the theme park on the eleventh floor, while the other incomes based in Baguio give easy access to the park’s main entrance and its exciting rides.

The VINHomes Central Park is a fully furnished modern apartment offering four bedrooms and one to three guest rooms. It has two locations: the top floors offering luxurious services and the second floors are more suitable for low budget tourists. Both the locations have internet broadband internet, air conditioner, cooker, fridge, 안산오피스 DVD player and TV, and a well-equipped mini-bar. The apartment is well equipped with a fitness room, a music system, a wet bar and several guest bathrooms. All of these amenities make this a desirable location to stay in Baguio.

The other vinhaomes based in Baguio are the VINHomes Tanah Lot 10 and the VINHomes Central Park. Both offer modern amenities at affordable rates. The Tanah Lot offers fully furnished apartments and a pool. This is a high rise luxury residence and is fully equipped with two guestrooms and an executive office. The Central Park offers fully furnished apartments and it has an arcade, a bar and a restaurant.

The Baguio apartments and homes offered by the VINHomes are also known for their location. They are strategically located in the middle of Baguio City’s business district, close to shopping malls and other major establishments. The VINHomes Central Park offers the best deal for those looking for a modern apartment or villa in Manila, priced at around USD 650 per day.

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